Life after graduating from CATC

24 April 2015

Life after graduating from CATC?
Life after graduating has been good.  After such an intense (and awesome) year at CATC, it was understandable that the first few weeks after seemed a little flat. After a short break (where I didn’t pick up the camera once), I made a conscious effort to stay busy and to get on with things.

It is early days in my new career… only 5 months in.  As I already understand from my experience so far, and speaking to other freelancers from all different industries, you have times of extreme business, and times where it all goes quiet. Dealing with the quiet times takes a bit to get your head around, but worth it for when things pick up. On reflection, I have been quite lucky so far obtaining work with some great clients such as LinkedIn, Adshel, Imagination, Charter Hall and The Royal Flying Doctor’s Service.

The RFDS flew me (along with a videographer) to Alice Springs for a few days to photograph (and interview) their current fundraising campaign Ambassador, Matt Wright (The Outback Wrangler). My background shots from the base also made it to their annual report front cover, office walls, and even one into a recent Qantas inflight magazine. Other work has seen me shooting trade events in Melbourne, corporate headshots at Qantas head office, timelapse coverage of the Royal Fleet Review, and more work with The Wayside Chapel in Sydney’s King’s Cross.

What is your approach to seeking opportunities?
Again, I am really just starting out, with a long way to go and many things to learn, but showing heaps of enthusiasm, focus and a bit of pragmatism seems to have helped a lot so far. Meeting new people, and getting on with people has also been fundamental in gaining a fair amount of work to date.
Social media is something I am forcing myself to get better at, but it definitely pays off. Until I am really established (which in my mind will take minimum 5 years), just showing people I am working and busy in my chosen industry seems to go a long way.

How important is it to do your own networking ?
I’ve always found the term ‘networking’ very formal.  I have never gone out to specifically ‘network’ as such, but I genuinely like talking to, and meeting people. I find it interesting.

It is becoming more apparent that knowing the right ‘people’ will get you a long way. I’m not saying I know some, or even any of these mysterious & mythical ‘people’ yet, but I definitely see how important it is to maintain current relationships and to build upon your contacts and potential leads. Showing an interest in what people do, and actually understanding what they do is definitely a good start.


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