CATC Scholarship winner tells all!

06 June 2013

2013 Scholarship winner, Georgia Murray shares some insights into the scholarship application process.

How did you find out about the scholarship program? – I found out via the website and also bus stop banners/advertisements.

What prompted you to apply? – I wanted to apply because I thought it was a fantastic opportunity, also, to test myself creatively and gain some feedback.

How did you approach the process of preparing your entry for submission? How long did it take to have it completed? – First of all I brainstormed my rough ideas, went out to fabric, bead and textiles houses to get a colour and material concept, and whilst I had some time off before my HSC exams, started and finished each of the designs. It took me roughly three weeks to complete and submit.

What did you think of the brief? – I thought the brief was really great, unique and allowed complete creative freedom and thought. I loved that there were no restraints they welcomed, sculptures, jewellery anything really!

How did you feel when your entry was finally ready and you sent it off? What was the anticipation of the results like? - I felt amazing when my work was submitted, I felt as though all my hard work was acknowledged, I felt proud of myself that I had applied and given myself the opportunity to succeed and have my abilities noticed. Waiting to hear back was very hard, I just wanted to know already so yes it was highly anticipated.

What was it like to receive the call about winning the scholarship? – Receiving the call was the best news I had ever heard in my life to date, I couldn't even hardly talk I was frozen with shock, I experienced happiness, relief and every other emotion all at once.

How is your current experience as a student at CATC is similar or different to what you expected? – My experience now as a student is more than I ever could have expected! I love everything about CATC, the people I've met and work with, the lecturers and their insight and the creative environment that nurtures all creative needs and abilities. I love the creative freedom most of all.

What does it mean for you to be a CATC student? Being a student at CATC means more than anything, I am constantly inspired by everything around me on campus, the students, graphics, art, photography. It feels great going to such a prestigious design school and knowing that so many people and past students from the school have gone on to be so successful. I am very proud and privileged.

What do you enjoy the most? – I enjoy the creative atmosphere, artistic flare and constant positive buzz that encapsulates the school and my studies.

Where do you see yourself after you finish your course? – After my course, I hope to be finding out more about the industry of interior design, I'd love to go out into the field and gain more practical skills and knowledge on different parts of Interior Design and Decoration. Ultimately though, I would one day love the opportunity to own my own business and freelance for myself.

How did winning the scholarship impacted your life? – Winning the scholarship had such a major impact on my life. It really gave me the confidence and determination to pursue my dream of becoming an interior designer. It also showcased my creative talents and know I feel as if I can do so much more and achieve so much more as a creative mind.

What would you say to all the potential students out there who are considering applying for the scholarship this year? – I would say GO FOR IT! It really is such an amazing opportunity that a lot of people take for granted or even ignore. Without the scholarship I wouldn't have the confidence like I do today to go out and learn, achieve and solidify my love and passion for interior design. It really will change your life.

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