Thursday 18th June

Sessions between
6 - 7pm

CATC Design School - Sydney Campus
46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo NSW


Eventbrite - THINK Talk: Trusting Your Creativity

How many great creative minds have we lost due to our failure to recognise, encourage and ultimately trust creativity?

Matt Jackson believes that everyone is creative. What stops people from expressing their innate creativity is the unfortunate fact that it hasn’t been validated and encouraged for a long time. This has lead to people not trusting their own creativity on an individual level and corporates, schools, universities and governments not trusting creativity at an organisational level. Matt Jackson believes this is because creativity is inherently complex and difficult to define, “Most people find it very hard to trust something that they cannot define”.

Whilst we struggle to define it we have no trouble acknowledging its importance and value. The majority of research conducted over the last decade states that mankind will need to tap into its creative potential if we are to solve the problems we have identified in business, education, government policy and the survival of the planet.

Join us for our next THINK Talk where Matt Jackson’s talk will centre around trusting creativity as he believes that this is the crucial step toward understanding it and ultimately applying it to the problems we face as a society.

Attendees will gain insight into:

  • Psychological and scientific research into creativity,
  • How business defines the value of creativity today,
  • Why individuals doubt their own creativity,
  • The reasons most organisations fail at creativity,
  • How individuals and organisations can collaborate together to unleash their creative potential.

About Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

Since graduating from Melbourne University in 2000 with a degree in Arts and a degree in Commerce Matt Jackson has been building a bridge between art and commerce to benefit both sides. Matt spent 6 years in advertising, 9 years managing visual artists and now he collaborates with entrepreneurs, corporates, scientists, researchers, multimedia artists and biomedical engineers through the network he founded in 2013 called affectors.

In 2014 Matt moved hearts and minds at TEDX, The Sydney Biennale, VIVID and Wired for Wonder.