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Graphic and Design Courses Online

graphic and design courses online at CATC

"Studying online at CATC has been both challenging and awe inspiring! The staff have not only taught me Graphic Design skills, but important problem solving skills. Online learning can be difficult, and it's our attitude that determines how we overcome this challenge. Having great tutors that are approachable, knowledgeable, helpful and thorough is a gift, and it makes the journey so much more pleasurable and inspiring"

Bethany Yates-Sclater
Graduate of Diploma of Commercial Arts (Graphic Design)

Many of our on-campus courses are also offered via flexible Online Learning (also commonly referred to as Distance Education). This means you can study your dream course and pursue your passion for creativity in interior design, graphic design or photography from the comfort of your own home (or your campervan if your internet connection is reliable!). This study mode provides you ultimate flexibility and freedom, allowing you to adjust your workload, study scheduling and environment to study when and where you want.

Why study online with CATC?

  • Study anywhere, anytime.
  • Nationally-accredited qualifications (you gain the same quality qualification as on-campus students).
  • One-on-one, personalised tutorial support and service.
  • High-quality curriculum and learning materials designed for learning anywhere.
  • Facilitated communication between students, academics and support staff.
  • Access to online library collections with over 70 million items/articles!

How does online learning work?

  • Classes are led by a dedicated online teaching team, and you're interacting and communicating regularly with your teachers and fellow students!
  • Study and course materials are sent to you. You are also supported and advised on a variety of other Online/Distance Learning tools.
  • Assessments can be submitted securely online.
  • All you need to do is get set up with dedicated learning space/s (wherever that may be!), discipline yourself with some goals, and enjoy the ride!

What design courses are available online?

The following courses can be studied online: