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CATC photography institute

Qualification code: CUV50411
CRICOS Course codes: NSW 076752J, QLD 076747F, VIC 077029F
Locations: Brisbane and Melbourne for Australian students, Sydney for Australian and Overseas students. Not yet delivered at the Gold Coast Campus.
Duration: 1 year full time or 2 years part time* (including breaks).
Intakes: February, June, September
VET FEE-HELP: Enabled for eligible Australian students

*Part time study option is for Australian students only and currently available at Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

Why study the Diploma of Photo Imaging?

This course prepares you for an action-packed career working as a commercial photographer. It teaches you the essentials of photo imaging from shooting styles, lighting set-up and image capture, to digital SLR cameras, digital software enhancement and medium format. You'll learn how to use a range of specialised and technical competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate photo imaging services. And you'll discover ways to prepare, store and maintain finished work, integrate colour theory and design processes and capture images from a brief.

Areas of photo imaging work include fashion, sport, wedding, portrait, social, photojournalism, magazine and freelance, landscape and architecture, food and product and advertising. You can certainly travel the world with this profession!

Career Outcomes

With this qualification, you'll have the technical skills and experience to communicate your conceptual and creative visions through the medium of photography. You could snap up a great freelance photography job in any of the following these areas:

    • Commercial photography
    • Advertising photography
    • Fashion and Glamour photography
    • Sports photography
    • Portrait photography
    • Magazine photography
    • Travel and Adventure photography
    • Food and Product photography
    • Architectural photography
    • News Photo Journalism
    • Documentary photography
    • Wedding Photography
    • Photo Technician
    • Image Manipulation/Remediation



      • DPIDI12 Digital Imaging
      • DPILL12 Introduction to Light & Lighting
      • DPIVC12 Visual Communication
      • DPICC12 Camera & Capture
      • DPIMD12 Media & Documentary
      • DPICM12 Colour Management & Workflow
      • DPIDP12 Domestic Portraiture
      • DPICO12 Commercial
      • DPIEX12 Exhibition
      • DPIMI12 Moving Image
      • DPIIP12 Industry Project
      • DPIFO12 Folio
      • DPICP12 Career Preparation
      • DPISP12 Specialisation

      Entry Requirements

      To view the entry requirements for this course click here.