Some of the Possibilities for Life after CATC

  • Photographer in (just about) any industry
  • Photo Technician
  • Photojournalist
  • Image Manipulation / Remediation

I loved the smaller class sizes and the lecturers, who were current practising industry professionals and were genuinely passionate about teaching their students and wanting to see them excel. I also enjoyed studying with a mixed cohort of students from all walks of life, from high school leavers to more mature-aged individuals who wanted to see their hobby become a new career opportunity.

Freelanced for a bit before taking up a position at Wallace Bishop.

Persistence is the key. Practise makes perfect. Never stop learning and fine-tuning your craft.

Olivia's Work

I definitely enjoyed coming in everyday and working with other creative people. It was nice to leave reality for a while and get lost in other students and teachers thoughts and ideas.

I worked local jobs such as family and baby shoots to be able to finance what I really a focus onto fashion photography. When working on the local jobs I get a lot of satisfaction from the client’s reaction to the final images. When the client is happy it makes me happy.

My advice would be to not give up. Sometimes you run out of ideas or feel you’re not getting anywhere but creativity and acknowledgement takes time. You just need to work really hard and day by day you will keep getting that little bit further.

Sophie's Work