Peggy’s work is off to Spain!

31 March 2014

We catch up with one of our Photography graduates, Peggy Pullen who entered the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and to her surprise has been selected as a finalist! Two of her photographic prints from her series, Religious Undertones will be traveling all the way to Spain in September to be exhibited as part of the Biennial in Malaga, home of Picasso.

1. How in-denial where you when you found out you were a finalist in the Julia Margaret Cameron Award?It was quite an odd moment to be honest. I was checking my emails and saw that finalists had been chosen. As I hadn't received any personal emails from them I thought I hadn't been chosen and went to the link to check out who had been. As I was scrolling down the page I saw my name and just sat there looking at the screen for a while. I wasn't sure what to do (I was certain I was reading something wrong) so I messaged my friend Katie and sent her the link. Katie messaged back saying that I was definitely in the finalist list- I think my eyes became as big as saucers and I did a massive girly giggle at that moment! It still doesn't seem real to be honest Jess, I keep thinking you're going to publish this and then someone will say I was mistaken!

2. Tell us why you applied for this award?
While at CATC we were encouraged to enter as many awards as possible, and I also made it a part of my business plan I completed for one of the units. I saw this competition came up, knew it was a long shot, but heard my parents in my ears: "you gotta be in it to win it!"

3. How important is it for emerging photographers to apply for awards of this nature?
SO important! No one will ever see your work unless you put it out there. I know it doesn't come naturally to artists, but you have to sell yourself. It is so worth it in the end and people love seeing new artists' work.

4. How do you feel about your prints traveling all the way to Spain for the Biennial of Spain in Malaga? Will you be going along as well?
I am overwhelmed! It is a dream come true! Spain has always been on my list of places to see, and I have family history there so that creates a bit of a special connection. I am very grateful for the opportunity and for the awesome people who helped me along the way! It is a huge honour.
I hope to get there myself, but I will have to see what the year brings. I will keep looking into grants and other possible ways for funding and see how I go. Fingers Crossed!