I think, therefore I design

06 February 2015

Graduate design students from CATC's Gold Coast campus showcased their creative work via an independent exhibition entitled "I think, therefore I design", a nice play on René Descartes famous phrase, "cogito ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am).

The occasion took place at popular Gold Coast cultural precinct known to locals as Rabbit & Cocoon. A big thank you goes out to Emma Milkins, Director of the venue who generously provided the exhibiting space that was needed to run a successful exhibition.

Other organisations such as Worldwide Printing Solutions Southport, Desktop Magazine and the Design Institute of Australia also thankfully supported the occasion by sponsoring awards and assisting in the production of an exhibition publication.

The night coincided with Rabbit & Cocoon's very popular Street Food Fair and was open to the general public. Graduates work was seen and appreciated by several hundred unique visitors who otherwise wouldn't have been invited to the event. Graphic design student, Kristen Curtis commented that about one hundred of her business cards had been snapped up by nights end.

A special mention goes out to graphic design student, Tamara Bloom who took home both the 'Desktop Professional Encouragement Award' as well as the 'Peoples Choice Award' for best graphic design folio. Interior design students' Sandy Owen and Paige Halsey also took out the 'DIA Professional Encouragement Award' and 'Peoples Choice Award' respectively.

The night was a great success but wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the amazing support of its sponsors. Our sincerest thanks goes out to Rabbit & Cocoon, Desktop Magazine, Design Institute of Australia and Worldwide Printing Solutions Southport.