Go for it!!

02 July 2013

Maria Burton. Interior Design Scholarship Winner. Tells us how she came about the scholarship program and what prompted her to apply.

How did you find out about the scholarship program?
I went to the open day about a year before I had finished school and heard about it there. I then remember thinking to myself that maybe it's something I could look further into once I am closer to finishing school; which I did.

What prompted you to apply?
I put so much time and effort into my HSC year, especially with my major work subjects. I really wanted to see if these major works (Art and DT) could possibly fit the brief given for the scholarship and if my works reached the standard of a CATC student. What really prompted me to apply was determination and curiosity.

How did you approach the process of preparing your entry for submission? How long did it take to have it completed?
Well my major works took a year to complete and to submit them I had to make sure everything was labelled and clearly presented. I had chose what I wanted to put forward, things like: drawings, sketches, portfolio, images, a film, DT major work.

What did you think of the brief?
Challenging, though I was confident that my work was appropriate for the given brief.

How did you feel when your entry was finally ready and you sent it off? What was the anticipation of the results like?
It was strange handing off my work, I guess you become attached to it; your work becomes kind of an obsession. But it was obviously a relief whilst also being very nerve-racking at the same time.

What was it like to receive the call about winning the scholarship?
I had just got back from Bali and my mum had found out about the scholarship a couple of days before and had kept it from me. The phone rang and mum looked very suspicious, the office staff were so excited to call and for me well..I was screaming. I felt so incredibly honoured and shocked, knowing I was about to embark on a remarkable journey.

How is your current experience as a student at CATC is similar or different to what you expected?
It's a lot different. I knew it would be fun but not as fun as it is. I have made lifelong friends and that in itself is amazing. The work load is challenging but all the projects expand your creative capabilities.

What does it mean for you to be a CATC student?
It means I have the ability to fully explore my creativity in an environment that harnesses and embraces it.

What do you enjoy the most?
The people and the passion.

Where do you see yourself after you finish your course?
Because CATC exposes you to so many possibilities it's hard to choose exactly what path you want to take, but I'm currently wanting to do my second and third year at Billy Blue in Commercial Interiors.

How did winning the scholarship impacted your life?
It allows me to focus on the college more, get more involved, meet new people and of course takes the burden of having to pay my way through the first year of college.

What would you say to all the potential students out there who are considering applying for the scholarship this year?
I'd say go for it. You have nothing to lose by submitting your work. What I've learnt being at CATC is that they are open to new things, in fact they love it! Be confident in your work and know that no matter what, the people reviewing your work will appreciate your time, effort and passion for what you do.

Apply now!!