“Being a CATC student is fulfilling”

18 June 2013

CATC Melbourne Scholarship winner, Jem Taylor shares her knowledge and what led her to apply for the scholarship.

How did you find out about the scholarship program? I was searching online for Melbourne based commercial photography courses, one of which was CATC. I visited the campus the following day and spoke to one of the career advisors, while she was showing me around the campus I asked if there were any scholarships offered by the school – which there was. She emailed me through the brief that afternoon.

What prompted you to apply? I am a New Zealander who has been living in Melbourne for the past four years, my home is here now and I really wanted the opportunity to be able to study in Melbourne. I'm financially independent from my relatives and New Zealanders aren't offered a student loan in Australia so I really wanted to find a financial opportunity that would allow me to stay and study in Melbourne.

What did you think of the brief? I thought that the brief was broad but encouraged individuals to form their own creative interpretation.

How did you feel when your entry was finally ready and you sent it off? What was the anticipation of the results like? I really enjoyed the process of putting my application together so I felt really content when I dropped it into the Melbourne campus on the afternoon of the due date. Although in the back of my mind I thought that receiving the scholarship would be amazing, I tried not to think about it – I guess I didn't want to 'jinx' it…

What was it like to receive the call about winning the scholarship? It was incredible, I wanted so much to stay in Melbourne and study here, be amongst my friends and the network that I had spent such a long time setting up, being rewarded with a scholarship would have been the only way… I was just super happy and I called all my close friends, my mum and smiled heaps and heaps and heaps

How is your current experience as a student at CATC is similar or different to what you expected? I predicted that the course would be full on and very practice based which is exactly how it is and what I wanted. There are a huge variety of students and lecturers, which is something I hadn't thought about.

What does it mean for you to be a CATC student? I am so happy to be studying and immersed in a field that I love, being a CATC student is fulfilling.

What do you enjoy the most? Learning and taking photographs.

Where do you see yourself after you finish your course? I want to spend the summer in Spain next year – surfing, taking photographs, working on my website and applying for photography jobs in Melbourne that I can start when I get back OR I may even continue on to do the last two years of a Commercial or a Fine Art Photography degree.

How did winning the scholarship impacted your life? I've been able to stay in Melbourne and study independently. It's had a very big and positive impact.

What would you say to all the potential students out there who are considering applying for the scholarship this year? Create/design something that YOU really adore.

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