Get organised and study!

Study can be difficult sometimes, especially when you are busy juggling work, family and friends. So how do you overcome some of those study hurdles?

We've got a tutorial with tips and tricks that can get you ready for study covering the key points:

  • Getting organised
  • Planning your time
  • Just start!
  • Finding a place to study
  • Asking for help

Useful Time Management Tools

When you are juggling paid work, family and friends it can be hard to find the time to study. Use these time management tools to find ideas for getting organised.

The Quiz

Complete this quiz to see if you need some help planning your time VIEW THE QUIZ

Assessment Planner

Complete this assessment planner so you know when your assessments are due. VIEW THE PLANNER

The 24 hour wheel

Colour in the wheel so you know where you're spending your time so you can plan effectively. VIEW THE WHEEL

Weekly Planner

After you have completed your assessment planner, complete the weekly planner. VIEW THE PLANNER

Weekly Planner

Another time management exercise to help you understand where your time goes. VIEW THE EXERCISE


A success story

Anneli talks about her success – why she came back to study and how she sought out support from friends, family and lecturers.

Balancing work and study

James talks about balancing work with study and a desire to improve his career prospects.

Preparing for study

Dr Pol McCann talks about preparing to study in a vocational program-what is required of you and why? Plus - some thoughts about getting practical experience.

Tips for writing assignments

Dr Pol McCann talks about what it means to be writing assignments in your college, particularly for a Bachelor's Degree. How do you prepare and what process do you need to follow to ensure success? How do you get help?